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Home Butchers was set up with one simple goal in mind, to supply gourmet quality butchers meat from Northern Ireland to customers throughout the British Isles and beyond. Based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland we are pioneers in mail order meat supply from Northern Ireland and guardians of our regional butchering traditions. Let Home Butchers deliver the taste of Northern Ireland to you to enjoy and savour. We guarantee that our meat will be the best you will ever taste.

We supply a range of regional delicacies to the finest natural quality traditional cuts, including naturally reared grass fed cattle, lamb and traditional dry cure pork and bacon. Home Butchers offers seasonal products throughout the year when they are in season. We like to work with other local produces to surprise and delight our customers.

N Irish Butchering History

Butchering History

Home Butchers Limited was founded in 2012 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. With over 200 years of combined family butchering experience and knowledge coupled with 12 years e-commerce, the Home Butchers team has the experience to deliver time honoured meats to your door.

The province of Ulster and Northern Ireland has its own unique range of regional tastes like any other province in the British Isles. Butchering traditions in Northern Ireland focus strongly on Beef and Pork products with dry aging dry curing and local meat pudding recipes that go back hundreds of years. The butcher shop has always been the centre of small towns around Ireland and small traditional butchers shops do still flourish around Northern Ireland today despite a sharp decline in many other areas of the UK.

Probably the best known of Northern Ireland's butchery products is the humble Vegetable Roll - a seasoned minced beef, leak and herb roll that contains very little vegetables at all. Our butchers have been producing White Puddings and Black Puddings for generations and our Dry Cured Bacon and Hams are renowned around the world. Beef Sausages have always been a staple food in and around Northern Ireland, more so than most other regions too.

Extinct Volcanoes of The Antrim Coast Rd

Volcanos, Rain & Small Farms

Northern Irish Traditional Gate

Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland offers some of the best tasting, highest quality meat found anywhere in the world. It is of no coincidence either, with a landscape of ancient extinct volcanos, rich fertile soils with a year round temperate climate encouraged by the warm waters of the Golf Stream, Northern Ireland has many undersold benefits that support the farming industry. Over hundreds of years, the patchwork of small enclosed fields have remained relatively unchanged, with a greater amount of smaller free-hold farmers than almost every other region within the British Isles. Smaller farms, passed down through generation to generation has created a distinct and much sought after livestock market that offers our butchers with fine quality cared for animals.

Taste our quality meat

Taste our quality, you'll be back for more!

Buy meat online from Home Butchers. We offer a full range of traditional Northern Irish meat products as well as a range of easy cook meals for the those with busy lives who don't want to compromise on quality.