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The Belfast Pastie & Battered Sausage Box

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The Belfast Pastie and Battered Sausage Box is full of delicious Belfast Pasties and Battered Pork Sausages - proper chip shop favourites all over Northern Ireland. It can be said that the humble chip shop is one of Northern Ireland's best kept secrets and most sell these battered delicacies.

Our Belfast Pasties are made by the specialists who supply many chip shops. Made with over three quarters seasoned mashed potato and a small amount of high-quality steak mince minced beef enveloped in a coating of batter, ready for you to fry at home.

We thoroughly recommend cooking the old fashioned way... deep fried in beef dripping and served with home hand cut made chips!

Each Box Contains:

  • 20 x Belfast Pasties (5 packs of 4)
  • 20 x Battered Sausages