Components of a BBQ

It’s BBQ season here in the UK! Everybody’s gearing up for warm afternoons and balmy nights around the barbecue grill. At this time of year, you can take a drive down any bit of coast on a clear day or through any park and you’re bound to see dozens of people standing out barbecuing and enjoying the weather.

We’re suckers for a good barbecue! There are a few components you’ll need in order to have a successful barbecue! Next time you’re planning one, don’t forget:


The Meat

It’s the most important bit of any barbecue! Whether you’re keeping it kid friendly with burgers and sausages or going a bit more grown up with steaks and prawns, make sure you have enough meat for your barbecue! Our favourites to throw in the fire are sausages, sirloin steaks, chicken breasts and assortments of vegetables like sweet corn and peppers.


The Drinks

Staying hydrated in the sun is of utmost importance! Even if you’re barbecue is meant to be a relaxing way to spend the evening, don’t fill up on booze. Stay hydrated with bottled water and sugar-free juices. Be sure the kids are drinking enough, too, as it doesn’t take much to dehydrate in the sun!


The Condiments

From a good bit of spicy mustard to mild ketchup and tangy mayonnaise, condiments play an important role in barbecue food fare. Nobody likes a dry hunk of meat in a dry bun. Stock up on condiments and keep them out on the table within easy reach of everyone at the party. If you’re feeling a bit more gourmet, you could purchase higher end, more speciality products like Dijon mustards and posh cheeses.


The Crockery & Cutlery

Having a picnic set will come in handy and as soon as we get a stint of good weather, will pay for itself! When choosing a picnic set, be sure it has the basics: plates, cutlery, washable linen napkins, cups and pots for salt and pepper are all pretty standard picnic basket items these days.


The Barbecue

If you’re hosting a barbecue at home, you probably won’t forget this, but if you’re heading to the beach or a local park, don’t forget to grab your disposable. And please remember to practice fire safety! Make sure your disposable grill is far from flammables and that it is sat on the ground, preferably sand or concrete and not on wood or grass, where it could easily catch fire.


The Entertainment

This is going to vary depending on your location, but be sure you have plenty of options for the kids. Bouncy balls, bubble mixture, books and games are always popular barbecue entertainment.


The Rubbish Bag

Be responsible during your use of the park and other facilities. Be sure to carry a rubbish bag with you and fasten it to a prominent place where everyone can find it and can dispose of their rubbish. It is important to keep Britain tidy, after all.