Food Guides

  • How to Cook a Stuffed Turkey Breast

    The Home Butchers Stuffed Turkey Breast offers a succulent roast without all the fuss and waste that come with a full Turkey carcass. Stuffed with ...
  • How to Cook a Gammon

    The Home Butchers Irish Gammon Joint offers a succulent, traditional roast full of flavour. For a traditional Irish Sunday dinner (North and South...
  • What is White Pudding?

    Popular in Northern Ireland, white pudding is a dish made out of oatmeal and suet. Unlike its cousin, black pudding, white pudding does not contain any blood. White pudding is usually fried in slices and served part of regional full breakfasts. It’s quite popular this way in Scotland, although many Nor’ Irish enjoy it this way, too.
  • 5 Ways to Cook Steak Strips

    Steak strips are versatile and can be used in pretty much any recipe where you want the flavour of beef. Here are five quick ideas of where to use our Home Butcher’s beef steak strips:
  • What Makes a Sausage Great?

    What makes a sausage great? Well, it depends on who you ask. And it depends on which bit of the sausage-making process you’re referring to!

  • How to Cook Chicken

    Mild and delicious, everybody loves a good, juicy bit of chicken. Chicken lends itself to a variety of cooking methods from frying to grilling to barbecuing and roasting. Here’s a quick guide to classic cuts and common cooking methods.
  • Components of a BBQ

    It’s BBQ season here in the UK! Everybody’s gearing up for warm afternoons and balmy nights around the barbecue grill. At this time of year, you can take a drive down any bit of coast on a clear day or through any park and you’re bound to see dozens of people standing out barbecuing and enjoying the weather.
  • How to Cook Ham

    Ever versatile, ham can be dressed up or dressed down. You can enjoy it sliced and pan fried and served with eggs at breakfast, folded into a halved croissant or draped over a poached egg and crumpets. Add it to sarnies at lunch, dice it and add it to potato salads or pasta salads. In the evenings, you can roast a whole ham joint flavoured with cloves, honey or pineapple. Slice it and grill it and serve it with egg and chips for a tasty, classic pub dish.
  • How to Cook Pork Sausages

    Pork sausages are versatile not only for their flavours but for the range of methods they can be cooked. Some of the most popular methods for cooking sausages are either in a griddle pan, in a frying pan, in an oven, in a grill or outside on a barbecue.
  • How to Cook Bacon Perfectly

    From bacon sarnies to rashers with eggs, bacon is a big part of meal times in the UK. Bacon is an extremely versatile cut of pork and different cuts cook differently. Here's your guide to cooking bacon perfectly.