How to Cook Chicken


Mild and delicious, everybody loves a good, juicy bit of chicken. Chicken lends itself to a variety of cooking methods from frying to grilling to barbecuing and roasting. Here’s a quick guide to classic cuts and common cooking methods.


Frying Chicken

Coat chicken plump chicken pieces in egg and flour before frying in hot oil until cooked through and the juices run clear when pierced with a skewer. The best pieces for frying tend to be drumsticks and thighs, but you can fry any piece you choose. Make sure you use fresh oil when frying and that you take care as the oil will be extremely hot.


Grilling Chicken

Chicken breasts and thighs tend to be favourites for the grill or griddle pan. Brush them liberally with a bit of olive oil and place on a hot griddle pan or under a hot grill. Let cook until char lines appear and the juice run clear when the chicken is pierced.


Roasting Chicken

Perfect for whole chicken joints or individual bits, roast chicken is juicy, when cooked properly and full of flavour. Roasting chicken takes a bit longer than other traditional methods of cooking but is certainly worth the wait.


Barbecuing Chicken

This can be done outside on a barbecue on in an oven with lashings of barbecue sauce. Any cut of chicken is perfect for barbecuing. Be sure to choose your favourite sauce and to make more than you think you’ll need; barbecue chicken is a firm favourite!

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  • Ella Dooly