How to Cook Ham

Ever versatile, ham can be dressed up or dressed down. You can enjoy it sliced and pan fried and served with eggs at breakfast, folded into a halved croissant or draped over a poached egg and crumpets. Add it to sarnies at lunch, dice it and add it to potato salads or pasta salads. In the evenings, you can roast a whole ham joint flavoured with cloves, honey or pineapple. Slice it and grill it and serve it with egg and chips for a tasty, classic pub dish.

We love a good ham and love that you can often get a number of meals out of just one, good-sized joint. Today, we'd like to share with you some ideas for how to cook ham.


At Breakfast

Around the world, ham appears on many breakfast tables. On the continent, ham is usually served cold, sliced with wedges of cheese and pots of yoghurt. In America, ham is often pan fried until the edges are crisp and it is served with a pile of cheesy eggs and breakfast skillet potatoes.

You could replace a slice of smoked salmon with a thin slice of ham the next time you make Eggs Florentine. Or try chopping up some leftover ham from a roasting joint and add the ham to an omelette for a quick morning meal.


At Lunch

While the staple of ham and cheese on white or brown will always exist, there are other ways you can invite ham to your lunch picnic. Some of our favourite methods include hollowing a loaf of shop bought bread, and adding layers of ham, egg and veggies to create a layer picnic loaf.

You could also stir some ham into a pasta or potato salad, add it to a sliced baguette or eat it chopped in a salad of greens, onions and egg.


At Tea

Ham at tea is an ever popular choice. Whether you've roasted a fat joint of ham or gammon or sliced the steaks thickly to be pan fried. Ham can be chopped and added to risottos, potato and cheese nests, salads, pasta bakes or even unconventional mains like quesadillas and tacos.