How to Cook Pork Sausages

Pork sausages are versatile not only for their flavours but for the range of methods they can be cooked. Some of the most popular methods for cooking sausages are either in a griddle pan, in a frying pan, in an oven, in a grill or outside on a barbecue.


Griddle Pan

To cook sausages in a griddle pan, heat a dry griddle pan until it is very hot. Add the sausages so that they are parallel to the ridges in the pan. Cook on high, turning occasionally until the sausages are cooked through.  Extremely plump sausages may begin to spit and could burst.


Frying Pan

To cook sausages in a frying pan, heat a frying pan with a little bit of oil. Add the sausages so that they do not touch. Cook over a high heat, turning the sausage until they are cooked through and evenly coloured.



To cook sausages in the oven, arrange them in an oven-proof dish and bake about 20 minutes until they are cooked thoroughly. Drizzle the sausages with a bit of oil to help them cook.



To cook sausages under a grill, preheat the grill and grill pan until very hot. Lay the sausages along the grill pan's grooves and cook, quarter-turning the sausages every 2 to 3 minutes until cooked thoroughly.



To cook sausages on a barbecue, place the sausages on a barbecue grate over a warm spot on the barbecue. Do not allow the sauces to cook directly in the flame as they can easily over cook and dry out. The speed that the sausages cook is determined by how hot the barbecue is.