What is White Pudding?

Popular in Northern Ireland, white pudding is a dish made out of oatmeal and suet. Unlike its cousin, black pudding, white pudding does not contain any blood. White pudding is usually fried in slices and served part of regional full breakfasts. It’s quite popular this way in Scotland, although many Nor’ Irish enjoy it this way, too.

White pudding, like most food over the course of the years, has had a darker history. Pre 1900s, white pudding used to contain sheep’s brains. Although this is no longer conventional, many people have qualms about trying white pudding partly because of this and because of its bloodier cousin.

We’re proud of our white pudding because it is expertly prepared by our fabulous butchers and it’s a staple of our beloved Northern Irish cuisine. It’s full of flavour and will be a welcome addition to your breakfast table. Go on and give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!