Irish Pork Sausage Recipe Ideas

Sausages are a staple food in most homes. Whether you're having sausages for breakfast with your morning cuppa or indulging in a classic pub dish of bangers of mash for tea, sausages are best when they are meaty and filling.

At breakfast, try slicing your sausages in half and frying them flesh-side down in a frying pan with a cut tomato and a few mushrooms for a slightly charred, griddled taste. Or keep the sausages whole and fry them in a frying pan before you fry or scramble some eggs.

For a light lunch, you could grill a sausage and serve it in a hot dog bun. Choose your favourite toppings, but sauteed onions and peppers work well. If you're grilling a milder sausage, like our traditional Northern Irish sausage, you could even squeeze a bit of red sauce and mustard over.

For a unique take on sausages, try grilling a sausage, slicing it thinly and serving it over a salad. Or toss cooked sausage chunks into a bowl of pasta salad.

Feel free to be a bit more ambitious in the kitchen at dinner and serve up sausage a number of ways. We've already touched on the classic bangers and mash combination with fresh peas and a good helping of gravy.

If you fancy something a bit different, but still traditional, you could whip up a classic toad in the hole or add the sausages to a pasta dish for an easy pasta bake.

With their versatility, classic taste and quick method of cooking, sausages remain an important part of family life and produce some of the tastiest, kid-friendly meals.