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Oven Baked Pork Ribs & Barbecue Sauce Recipe

A delicious meaty dish of oven-baked ribs with a tangy barbeque sauce.
  • Ella Dooly

Rib Roast Recipe

Our foolproof recipe for rib roast creates an indulgent, flavourful dish that you will enjoy serving up and eating. Rib roast is great for special occasions or for a Sunday dinner when you want something a bit different. Serve with your usual roast dinner trimmings of roast potatoes, carrots and greens.
  • Ella Dooly

Beef Sausage Bake Recipe

This meaty bake is filled with beef sausages, tomatoes and vegetables. You can use any vegetables that you have to hand in your freezer or larder. Serve the bake over rice or sautéed courgettes for an easy weeknight meal.
  • Ella Dooly

Orange Pork Loin Steaks Recipe

Pork loin steaks cook quickly and are full of flavour. They make for excellent midweek meals and do well in the grill, oven or pan-fried. Here’s a recipe for some scented with orange and cooked in the grill.
  • Ella Dooly

Pan Fried Burgers Recipe

Who says you have to put burgers on the barbecue? Here’s one of our favourite recipes for enjoying delicious tasting burgers without the hassle of firing up the barbecue.
  • Ella Dooly

Chicken & Chorizo Tray Bake Recipe

Succulent nuggets of chorizo sausages are cooked with earthy tomatoes and fresh chicken for a one-dish dinner that’ll please a crowd. Perfect served with a bit of rice.
  • Ella Dooly

Rump Steak and Potatoes Recipe

Steak & potatoes is a classic combination anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you serve potatoes in the form of French fries, thick cut chips, smooth mash or roasties, they all pair well with a lovely juicy steak.
  • Ella Dooly

Classic Pot Roast Recipe

A Sunday dinner classic, pot roast tends to be full of flavour and prepared with minimal effort. Here’s our take on this family favourite.
  • Ella Dooly

Gammon, Egg and Chips Recipe

Gammon, eggs & chips is a popular recipe in the UK, appearing on pubs the country over. Create this pub classic at home and have tea on the table in minutes.

  • Ella Dooly

Irish Pork Sausage Recipe Ideas

Sausages are a staple food in most homes. Whether you're having sausages for breakfast with your morning cuppa or indulging in a classic pub dish of bangers of mash for tea, sausages are best when they are meaty and filling.
  • Ella Dooly
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